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Avoiding the Cliffs of Transformation

The work of transformation is uncomfortable but incredibly rewarding; team-members are often afraid of what change means, building alignment around a direction is difficult with so many cooks in the kitchen, and the unknown is often untested. Below are some very practical disciplines and warnings that the Silver Rock team employs in the transformation processes we […]

Discovering Your Business’ “NEW NEXT”

As a leader nothing is more exciting or concerning than the realization that the direction you have been heading will simply not get the organization to its intended goal.  Your options – change, suffer mediocrity, or worse, witness your organization’s decline.  What does the process of discovering your New NextTM look like? The purpose of […]

Leveraging your Silver and your Rock

Business transformation is both an opportunity and a risk. Transformational Change can lead to exponential growth, but can also trigger societal opposition, bankruptcy, and in a worst-case scenario, obsolescence. How do you know what to transform, and when? At Silver Rock Consulting we think about transformation with our clients every day. We use our company’s […]


In business, change is constant. As a leader, if you are not regularly considering how to transform and adapt, you are risking organizational obsolescence. At Silver Rock Consulting we use business transformation to describe “the fundamental reimagining and shift from one form of existence and operation to your New Next.” In an article for the […]