Co-Creation: The Silver Rock Way

There is no shortage of academic studies linking leadership and decision-making. We do relish a leader with the critical thinking skills and fortitude to make a decision, yet there are pivotal points in the lifecycle of every business such as discovering a different pathway to growth or adjusting to market events where it is valuable and beneficial for a leader to extend an “open palm” to generate fresh ideas and build alignment.

In the following pages, we provide a taste of Silver Rock’s secret sauce rooted in “co-creation” which is at the heart of our methodology. Co-creation is an inextricable component of our suite of solutions and it is what makes each of our partner engagements unique with those seeking to transform their organization’s strategic direction.

Involving groups of people in generating a new way of thinking can be transformational. Locking a diverse group of people in a room to “see what they come up with”, however, is not the answer. At Silver Rock, we follow a proprietary process perfected by the business operators on our team. The good news is that the concepts are straightforward. However, like any elegant design which is intuitive on the surface, putting these concepts into practice is not as easy as it appears.

In the Co-creation document, we will define what co-creation is, share an example of how co-creation is integrated into our workflow and explain why execution is the “wizard behind the curtain”.

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