New Partnership Announcement

We are excited to announce a new partnership between LAK Group and Silver Rock Consulting.

Silver Rock Consulting

At the LAK Group, we work with leaders to transform business goals into human strategies that put the right people in the right seats so everyone wins – even as your market changes.

Silver Rock Consulting is a global management consulting firm that works with leading businesses and institutions to accelerate strategic clarity, alignment and action. Together, we build stronger businesses – faster.

Transformation Happens when Strategy and Culture Meet

Many of us have heard Peter Drucker’s quote that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This implies that the culture of your company always determines success regardless of how effective your strategy may be. We believe in shaping a different mindset. Imagine the transformation that can happen at the point of intersection where strategy and culture meet. This is where magic happens.

If you’d like to learn more about our combined approach, in this video Karen Hung, CEO Silver Rock Consulting and Michael Grubich, President LAK Group discuss the importance finding the point where strategy and culture meet and the impact on organizations to sustain performance.

3 min LAK Silver Rock Culture and Strategy Together

The LAK Group / Silver Rock Approach

If not based on the right values, culture will eat strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, in a balanced scenario, culture and strategy complement and shape one another. Strategy and culture should be created simultaneously, making sure they are perfectly aligned. When in sync, they enable each other to create incredible organizational transformations.

For this reason, we have designed an approach to help your organization transform by helping find that place where strategy and culture meet.